Creativity with Wooden houses:

1.Wooden Cottage /villas  
2.Wooden House at terrace 
3.Tree House 
4.Wooden play homes
5.Wooden sauna 
6.Wooden flooring and cladding 
Wooden houses are a more ecological and economic alternative than homes made of traditional brick and concrete. Wood is not only a part of nature, but its use is beneficial for the environment. These homes are made from natural, non-petroleum materials that are recyclable and biodegradable and are also considered 'ecological'. 

Light wooden framework: This is the most common alternative and a large amount of small components are used, that facilitate building modules, interchangeability and pre-manufacturing.

Advantages of wooden houses:

Wood does not act as a thermal bridge, but as insulation, therefore keeping the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which makes it a much more sustainable construction house. Savings have been calculated to be between 50% and 60% per year in heating and air conditioning.

As concerns maintenance, it has to be checked every once in a while, since it might need exterior paint, gap sealing, etc.