Creativity with container design:

1.Container eco- friendly homes with floor plans 
2.Container for site offices 
3.Restaurant with Container  
4.Movabel medical with expandable container 2:1 and 3:1 
5.Container swimming pool 
6.StockBox Grocers container 
7.Showroom container at wheels
8.Bear and coffee shop
9.Container Hire Studios 
10.Green House Container


Container design

Engineers and architects have transformed ordinary shipping containers into amazing homes and office spaces around the world. 

Container City was designed to be low cost, as well as environmentally friendly. Recycled materials made up 80% of building supplies.
The cabin folds up to look like any old shipping container, and can be sent via rail, truck, ship, airplane or even helicopter. When you're ready to rest your bones, the cabin quickly unfolds into living space, site office, swimming pools, portable hotels and hospital...etc.

Container Completed project