1. Are shipping containers wind and watertight?

Yes, very. Shipping containers are made for transporting goods across the oceans – often on decks of ships. They have heavy duty rubber door seals which keep out the elements.

2.How do I get my container delivered?

Container will usually be loaded on lorry with a crane and same unloaded with crane .

3.Do shipping containers require maintenance?

Shipping containers require relatively little maintenance.

4.How are they insulated?

It may be glass wool or thermcol depending upon the climate and need.

5.Do you offer solar?

Yes, we do



1. What kind of wood is used in Prefabricated Wooden Houses?

Insist on using only Construction Grade Russian Pinewood and Canadian SPF (Spruce, Pine & Fir) for all our projects. Both these timbers are high-altitude pinewood, seasoned for 40-50 years in all seasons including snow and thereafter Kiln-Dried and dehydrated to create exceptional quality timber suitable for construction. The wood has exceptional appearance and is very durable in the sub-continent environment. Our expert designers will advise you which wood to use for hills, beaches and jungle construction.

2. Any maintenance required wooden house?

Yes, every five year require coating from outside and inside ( if required ) , it covers termite and weather resistance .

3.What platform required?

Concrete basement required to raise the structure .

4.You do all types of wooden structure?

Yes, we do all types wooden structure only when we see all feasibility of the work.

5. You do wooden cladding , flooring and which wood you use ?

Yes, we do ! there are several wood in market we choose the best .